Note: In true jamming fashion, there are bugs. Although it works from the Source code, the built version does not work so well. Woops.


A game of an astronaut being waken up in an emergency situation. An alien hive has awoken unexpectedly, while being only 3 minutes away from earth. The astronaut must communicate with earth to avoid disaster.

The game is played with 2 players. One person has the role of astronaut and must provide descriptions of visuals to the other player. The other person has the role of biologist and must provide information from a manual to the other player.

Together, the players can keep the hive from breaking out of their terrarium and causing a lethal incident.

The manual is found here:

Credits to:

Jeroen Bosch

Noora Heiskanen

Liisa Hyvönen

Leo Krechmer

Timo Väisänen

Olga Zaitseva

Install instructions

This game is only a Unity source project so far.


Asimov.rar 189 MB


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Note: Download is the whole Unity project in a .rar file